MSCH-J353 Newscast Fall 2016

The fall 2016 Advanced Broadcast News class compiled this newscast as a cumulative showcase of their work throughout the semester.

Producer: Amanda N. Marino

Floor Directors: Anna Darling, Amanda N. Marino

Anchors: Tierra Brown, Bryan Brussee, Amanda N. Marino, Brad Davis, Anna Darling, Arthur Jones, Lilly O’Connell, Emma Woodman

Contributing Reporters: Lauren Becker, Katie Billman, Tierra Brown, Bryan Brussee, Anna Darling, Brad Davis, Arthur Jones, Shuhan Ma, Amanda N. Marino, Sydney Miller, Lilly O’Connell, Emma Woodman

Professor: Anne Ryder

Technical Director: Scott Myrick



2 thoughts on “MSCH-J353 Newscast Fall 2016

  1. I’ve been IU fan since Bob Knight was on his way there. Recently, I watched an IU Student U telecast of a women’s game you did with Nick Stewart. Solid job; interesting facts, observations, asides, etc., but I call to your attention the too many times you said “For sure,” one time even giving us a double play. I know that it’s easy to fall into a stock phrase as I occasionally did during a long teaching stint. Good luck with future telecasts and in your career.


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